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Think of it like a coffee house hosting open mic, your payment is conversation with others. This is a comfortable place to discuss your art or photography :)
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 First Site Intro, Hiya!

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PostSubject: First Site Intro, Hiya!   Mon Jan 23, 2017 5:14 am

Hello lovelies I'm head honcho here, I probably won't be as old as most running through here but nonetheless I will try and run this place as best as I can. So bare with me at times  :cheers:
I'm 18 years old and a freshmen in art school.
I'm a tad quiet but please don't mistake this for being cold towards anyone it's completely not that!

Traditional art is my style, more specifically I love oil pastels, watercolor, colored pencil, chalk, acrylic, charcoal and whatever else I'd probably get my hands on.
I'm a music student, I've been on my trumpet for 10+ years.
My interests include 3ds gaming, music, manga, anime, and  tennis. As well as a tiny bit of photography. I'm really excited to see who comes through here in the future.

Don't hesitate to strike up a conversation!
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First Site Intro, Hiya!
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